Esports Organization and Team Revenue Building: How and Where to Get the Money

Esports is a rapidly growing industry that is attracting millions of fans and billions of dollars in revenue. As the popularity of esports continues to surge, teams and organizations navigate new ways to sustain and grow their operations. To compete at the highest level, esports teams need financial support to cover their expenses, including salaries, travel, and equipment. This blog post highlights some of the ways esports organizations and teams can generate revenue and build their brands.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Sponsorship and advertising are a surefire way for teams to earn a steady source of income. Big brands are eager to partner with up-and-coming esports teams to increase their visibility among younger audiences. Esports organizations can offer different tiers of sponsorships, ranging from small logo placements to full-on team branding. Teams can also monetize their live streams by displaying ads or partnering with companies to produce sponsored content. For some teams, sponsors may even provide equipment or travel expenses.

Merchandise Sales

Another way esports teams can generate revenue is through selling merchandise. Fans love to show support for their favorite teams by wearing jerseys, hats, and other branded gear. Teams can create custom clothing and accessories for their fans to purchase online or at events. This strategy is particularly effective for teams that have a large and loyal following.

Tournament Earnings

Competing in esports tournaments can be lucrative for teams that perform well. Many tournaments offer cash rewards or other prizes for top-performing teams. Some tournaments also offer travel or accommodation stipends, which can be significant for teams that travel frequently. Esports teams can earn a substantial amount of money by winning prizes or performing well consistently in tournaments.


Crowdfunding is a popular option for esports teams and organizations that are looking to fund a specific project. Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or GoFundMe allow teams to appeal to fans directly for financial support. Teams can use crowdfunding to finance travel, invest in new equipment, or fund a new project. Crowdfunding can also help teams build a stronger connection with their fans and supporters.

Streaming Revenue

Esports teams and organizations can also earn revenue by streaming their games online. Twitch and YouTube are the primary platforms where esports fans watch live and pre-recorded games. Esports teams can monetize their streams by displaying ads or receiving subscriptions from their fans. Teams can also create sponsored content or partner with companies to produce branded content for their fans.


In conclusion, esports teams and organizations have many ways to generate revenue and build their brands. Sponsorship and advertising, merchandise sales, tournament earnings, crowdfunding, and streaming revenue are some of the most popular methods for teams to earn income. By combining these strategies with solid team management, strong branding, and engaging content, esports teams can build a loyal following and sustain themselves for years to come.

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