How New Esports Players Can Utilize Technology to Up Their Game

With the increasing popularity of esports, more and more people are taking up the competitive gaming scene. Esports, also known as electronic sports, is a rapidly growing industry, with hundreds of millions of viewers tuning in to watch events around the world. To perform well and stay competitive in the esports scene, players need to not only have top-notch gaming skills but also use advanced technology to their advantage. In this blog, we will discuss how new esports players can utilize technology to up their game.

  1. Choose the Right Equipment

To play esports competitively, players must have the right gaming setup. The setup includes a powerful PC, a fast internet connection, a high-performance gaming mouse, and keyboard. Esports players must overcome latency, and milliseconds of lag time translates into missed opportunities in the game. Gaming mice have become extremely advanced now, with technologies like responsiveness, movement tracking, DPI, customizable software for macros and tactile feedback, and as such, players must choose the right equipment for themselves.

  1. Communicate Better with Your Team

Communication is key for a team’s success in esports. Collaboration and coordination are essential for every team to work towards a common goal. With modern chat and VoIP applications, players can now communicate with teammates more efficiently, which can improve team performance. Tools such as Discord even allow players to join voice channels and discuss their game strategy while in-game, allowing for better strategy execution.

  1. Analyze your Performance and gameplay

Tracking your gameplay can provide amazing insights. By recording and observing your mistakes, you can make corrections and up your game easily. Recording and monitoring gameplay footage can help you to identify weaknesses, understand mistakes, and develop new strategies to defeat enemies in combat. Various software and tools available in the market can help with this, such as OBS and NVIDIA Shadowplay, which capture game footage, along with its audio, overlays, and other information to reflect on.

  1. Practice Efficiently

Like any other sport, esports gameplay requires regular and efficient practice to achieve excellence. Practicing and playing games endlessly is not enough. You need to practice more selectively, target the areas of the game that you are weak at, for example, aiming, strategy building, etc. You also need to switch between games and modes to develop your skills and gain more experience. You may even consider utilizing training modes before engaging in real matches, so you can focus more on mental aptitude and strategy-building, rather than reacting and survival.

  1. Stay Motivated and determined

Esports can be a very intense and stressful undertaking. In the face of defeat, staying motivated and determined can be challenging. But a competitive esports player must persevere and keep their spirits high. Maintain a positive attitude, even in losing games. Keep improving, set goals, and never lose sight of what you want to achieve.


In the world of esports, technology plays a critical role in determining a player’s success. With the advancements in the sector of gaming, such as powerful gaming equipment, software, and voice communication, new players must understand how to maximize these innovations to up their game. If they want to achieve excellence in esports and compete at the highest levels, they need to work smarter and utilize efficient practices to make the most of technology. With these tips mentioned in this blog, we hope new players are now better equipped with knowledge and skills to make it to the top.